Jen Lindgren-Brown

Jen Lindgren-Brown

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New Hampshire native Jen Lindgren-Brown holds a degree in English Literature and her passion for the written word, along with her love of nature, come together to make her debut novel for young readers, Georgie Green Takes Flight, a truly beautiful combination of language, imagination and adventure. Please share your NH Author reviews and comments. To feature your recent book, journal or other publication, contact us.

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Georgie Green Takes Flight

Georgie Green is twelve…and completely obsessed with hawks. Before Georgie was born, his father, an ornithologist, vanished while investigating suspected poaching of wild hawks and eagles in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, but his love of nature and raptors was passed on to his son.

Author Jen Lindgren-Brown

Author Jen Lindgren-Brown. Visit her website for more info.

The last day of elementary school arrives for Georgie and his two best friends, Beanie, the daughter of actors who have left her with her grandparents, and David, an unusually tall and athletic boy who likes to spend his summers hanging out in Georgie’s backyard and custom-built tree house. While Beanie and Georgie attend camp at the Nature Center, where Georgie can’t wait to take on the responsibilities of his new role as a counselor-in-training, David attends sports camp where he slowly becomes friendly with the town bully.

Throughout the summer, their lives and adventures intertwine with the other inhabitants of the small village where they live, and Georgie is kept busy by his suspicions of his neighbor, Mr. Ferrus, a retired scientist who had worked at the Nature Center for many years and who Georgie believes knows more about his father’s disappearance than he’s letting on, saving the old lady who chases squirrels and eventually thwarting the plans of the local bully.

But there’s more going on than typical summertime adventures. Georgie is beginning to exhibit strange symptoms and a sudden increase in his agility that he can’t explain…or can he? As he slowly unravels the mystery surrounding his father’s life, Georgie begins to realize that the explanations he’s been seeking just may lie within himself. Buy this book online. Visit the website of author Jen Lindgren-Brown for more information.

Georgie Takes Flight!

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