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NH Dog Sledding

New Hampshire Dog SleddingTake a dog sledding adventure to watch the races! NH is often the site of dog sled racing during the winter. The World Championship Dog Sledding is an annual Lakes Region tradition.  Please share your NH Dog Sledding comments. To feature your business in , contact us.

New Hampshire Dog Sledding

NH dog sled ridesDog sledding is a fun way to enjoy your winter vacation in New Hampshire. You experience the sensation of sledding over frozen ground and snowy mountain passes while wearing little more than ski pants, mittens, a woolen sweater and a parka.

There is in fact no better way to experience New Hampshire in the wintertime than riding behind a team of powerful dogs. Imagine dashing through glistening snow-covered valleys behind your own team of friendly Siberian Huskies or Alaskan Malamutes.

New Hampshire dog sled tour operators offer trips ranging from a half-day to several days. They teach you the ropes and allow guests to experience the thrill of driving their own team.

Sled dogs can move at a rapid trot for 6 hours, with hardly a break. Watching 60 legs move in their own special cadence and rhythm for hours on end is almost hypnotic in its poetry.

There’s a sophisticated hierarchy among the dogs. Their power struggles and inter-office “politics” are relentless. The pulling dog who’s the strongest and takes direction best is called the lead dog. The lead dog is different from the boss dog, who’s the real chief and corrects everyone else’s behavior.

Dogs often become rivals of one another, but only against another dog who’s on their level of the social structure. It’s in the same vein as when a new junior associate of a firm may jockey for power and position with another junior associate, but is smart enough not to take on a senior partner.


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