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Tips for Catching New Hampshire Lake Trout & Salmon

NH FishingFishing in New Hampshire is a favorite way to pass the time. With all the lakes and beautiful scenery, it is no wonder. There are great places to fish throughout New Hampshire. No matter where you are or plan to be, there is great New England fishing not far away! Ask us about NH spring fishing or share comments. To feature your service, contact us.

New Hampshire Spring Fishing Guides

NH fishing guideCleaning out your tackle box and shopping for fishing equipment is an annual tradition here in northern New England. The time of year when the weather fluctuations and temperature changes are signaling the arrival of spring. Spring means fishing! Early Spring, before the waters warm, is the best time of the year to fish for Lake Trout and Landlocked Salmon. The silvery salmon are quite active and are feeding near the surface in early spring.

A fishing trip to Squam Lake, Lake Winnipesaukee, or “up north” to the fabulous Connecticut Lakes Region in Pittsburg, makes for an often productive fishing vacation. All of these lakes offer deep waters, plenty of fish, and superb lakefront lodging accommodations. Visit our lodging¬†section for recommendations.

Warmer Weather Fishing
When the water temperature rises, the colder water-seeking fish like Salmon and Lake Trout go deep. Lake Trout in particular enjoy cold water and are often found in the deepest section of the lake. Getting your bait down to them is a challenge. Trolling flys or lures usually require either a downrigger or lead-core line. Bait fishermen anchor and drop their bait several hundred feet down towards the lake bottom. Patience can pay off with large fish. Both Lakers (Lake Trout) and Salmon are robust fighters and can be 24 – 36 inches in length and weigh more than 10 pounds. Taken on light tackle they put up quite a struggle. The deep-water seeking Lake Trout will often head down with your bait, while the Salmon is more likely to break the water and attempt to spit out your lure, streamer, or live bait.

Connecticut River Trout

Where to Find Them
Landlocked Salmon are only available in a few deep, cold-water, New England lakes. Some of the better landlocked salmon lakes include Lake Winnipesaukee, Squam Lake, Newfound Lake, and First Connecticut Lake, Second Connecticut Lake, Third Connecticut Lake, and Lake Francis in Pittsburg, New Hampshire. Vermont lakes include; Seymour Lake, Caspian Lake, Averill Lake, Crystal Lake, Lake Memphremagog, Lake Champlain, and Lake Willoughby.

How to Catch Them
The bait of choice depends largely upon the fishing style of who you ask. The favorite food of salmon is smelt, so using streamers like “the Grey Ghost”, is a good choice. Spin fishermen should try a Rapala minnow or Rebel minnow. Both these lures imitate the action of a real live minnow or smelt. Baitcasters prefer the real thing – live smelt, trolled, or fished from a stationary boat have produced results.

Enjoying the Scenery
The water quality of most lakes in northern Vermont and New Hampshire is improving and with that improvement comes an increase in not only fish but associated species like loons, baitfish, and other wildlife. Nesting loons are now being seen for the first time in years at several Vermont and New Hampshire Waterways.

For more information about freshwater fishing in New England visit New England Living Magazine.

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