Fritz Wetherbee

WMUR TV9’s Fritz Wetherbee

A Great New Hampshire Storyteller

WMUR Fritz Wetherbee NHSince the fall of the Old Man in the Mountain, the most recognizeable face in New Hampshire just may belong to Fritz Wetherbee. One of the state’s great storytellers, Wetherbee is best known for his work on "New Hampshire Chronicle," a popular TV magazine show which airs nightly on New Hampshire’s WMUR TV Channel 9.  Ask us about visiting NH or share comments. To feature your business, contact us.

NH Storyteller Fritz Wetherbee

Fritz Wetherbee as a child  in 1939Like his famous accent, his enthusiasm for New Hampshire is genuine. He clearly loves the Granite State and is proud to tell the stories of New Hampshire people, places, and history. Fritz is fond of saying, “I’m not a historian, but I play one on television.”

We recently had the pleasure of talking with Fritz about his work and his favorite places in the state. Wetherbee says he loves all the “H towns”: Hanover, Harrisville, Hancock, Hopkinton, Hillsborough Center, etc. But to Fritz, there will never be a more powerful symbol of New Hampshire than the Old Man in the Mountain, which in his words “sat there like a jewel in a jewelbox. It was the most perfect Fritz Wetherbee as a young man in 1956anthropomorphic outcropping in the world, and we had it.”

It is no surprise that Wetherbee knows so much about New Hampshire. His family has lived here for 12 generations. Fritz grew up Milford, NH and attended Keene State College, and had a variety of jobs–including tree climber, stone mason, janitor, disc jockey, and Army scout — before hosting “New Hampshire Crossroads” on PBS. “I’ve never met anybody who couldn’t tell me something,” he says. “It makes me humble.”

Fritz Wetherbee’s New Hampshire

I’ll Tell You the Story: More of Fritz Wetherbee’s New Hampshire

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