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new hampshire eco-friendly businesses green tourismWelcome to NH Living Magazine’s New Hampshire Green – A guide to Green NH Businesses. We are proud of the efforts that many New Hampshire lodging properties are making to help save and protect the environment. Ask us about NH Green or Eco-Friendly business or share comments. To feature your eco-business, contact us.

New Hampshire Green Business

new hampshire green businesses low carbon footprint nh businessesNew Hampshire Green Lodging, New Hampshire Green Hotels, NH Green Inns, New Hampshire Green Businesses Going Green in the Granite State

Green is more than the color of money. The new green is earth-friendly, eco-conscious and signifies that you care about the environment. Green businesses care about the planet (Mother Earth) and are taking proactive measures. You – as a New Hampshire native or a visitor to New Hampshire – can do your part by seeking out eco-friendly businesses and NH green lodging accommodations.

New Hampshire Green Lodging, New Hampshire Green Hotels, NH Green Inns, New Hampshire Green Businesses What is New Hampshire Green Lodging?

The basic premise is that Green Hotels and Green Inns are taking action to help save energy and minimize their carbon footprint on Mother Earth. Not all Green Hotel and Green Inns practice green living equally. Some lodging properties are more committed than others. Many are part of a green state or national organization but many businesses that follow green lodging practice simply do it out of respect for the environment and as a responsible way to help trim costs and contribute to a worthwhile cause.

New Hampshire Green Lodging, New Hampshire Green Hotels, NH Green Inns, New Hampshire Green Businesses Eco Friendly Practices / Making Your Lodging Property Green

Some of the more common green lodging practices include;

  • Using all flourescent and LED lighting
  • Allowing guests to use their towels and/or sheets for more than one day before being laundered
  • Using the same towels and sheets for a three night stay can save more than 50% of a hotel’s laundry emissions
  • Using Eco-friendly cleaning products that are healthier for the environment
  • Using recycled products when available
  • Using refillable toiletry dispensers
  • Using timed thermostats
  • Keeping the temperature cooler in hallways
  • Turning down heating / air conditioning in non-occupied rooms
  • Using energy-efficent heating and cooling systems
  • Installing solar or wind powered energy sources
  • Recycling waste

Learn about NH Green Restaurants

If you have a suggestion on how a lodging property can save energy, please share it. If your lodging property would like to be included on this page about New Hampshire Green Friendly Lodging, please contact us.

NH Living thanks you for supporting New Hampshire’s Green Hotels, Inns and other Green Businesses. If you have questions about an individual property’s Green Lodging programs, contact the inn or hotel directly and inquire in advance of your stay. Many hoteliers and innkeepers are proud of the their efforts to help save the environment and are happy to discuss their efforts with you.

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