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New Hampshire MicrobreweriesThe New Hampshire microbrew industry has been gradually growing over the past several decades. This is due to the fact that New Hampshire has some wonderful microbrews. While some have been around for decades and are filled with history others are still fairly new and trying to become more well known. Ask us about NE Pubs and Breweries or share your NH local brew reviews. To feature your NH Pub or Restaurant, contact us.

Ordering Beer Anywhere

Flying Goose Brew Pub Craft Beer Great Food
The Flying Goose Brew Pub & Grille, 40 Andover Road, New London, NH | 603-526-6899
The Flying Goose Brew Pub is a family run restaurant with 17 of our Handcrafted Brews on tap with panoramic views of Mt. Kearsarge in the quaint town of New London. Whether it be for a quick bite, a cold brew, or a place for family and friends to gather, we extend our "home" to you. Voted Best of NH Regional Favorite Restaurant for 3 years, we offer a relaxing environment to all who walk through our doors.
Visit Flying Goose Brew Pub New London

Woodstock Inn Station and Brewery, No.Woodstock New Hampshire Inn Lodging
Woodstock Inn Station & Brewery, Rt. 3, No. Main, No. Woodstock, NH 03262 | 603-745-3951
Located in the quaint village of North Woodstock, the Inn's gracious and relaxed setting centers around 40 uniquely styled and cozy rooms and suites, located across 6 buildings on the property. All of our lodging options offer the comforts of home, including cable, free Wi-Fi access, air-conditioning and more. Many offer Whirlpool tubs and gas fireplaces. Includes free use of off-property indoor pool and health club. Voted a White Mountains favorite by NH Magazine, Hidden Gem award and "Worth a Journey" says Phantom Gourmet. Our famous country breakfast is included with your stay.
Visit Woodstock Inn Station & Brewery - No. Woodstock, NH

rek'•lis brewing company, 2085 Main Street, Bethlehem, NH 03574 | 603-991-2357
Tiny brewery, big beers! Enjoy Craft IPA's, Great Food, Entertainment, Special Events. Check the website for specials. Thursday night Trivia. The never ending quest to quench the ‘thirst’, whether it’s on a bike, skis, or in a glass. This it where the passion comes from, it’s what rek'•lis is, this is us, and now it’s you... .
Visit rek'•lis brewing company - Bethlehem, NH

Norwich Inn, Norwich Vermont Inn Lodging,
The Norwich Inn, 325 Main Street, Norwich, VT 05055
Vermont brewery tradition was revived at the Norwich Inn in 1993 when Jasper Murdock's Alehouse began producing traditional English-style ales in 5-gallon glass jugs. By 1995, an historic livery building was renovated and outfitted with a new four-barrel brew house, enabling 125-gallon batches. The vessels are now larger, but the Jasper Murdock Alehouse remains one of the smallest breweries in America. These hand crafted beers are sold only at the Inn. Call ahead and place your an order to pick up when you come to the Inn. The Norwich Inn offers an extensive, diverse and moderately priced menu incorporating traditional pub favorites with elegant dinner options. We have nightly dinner and wine specials that can be enjoyed in our pub or dining room 7 nights a week. An Inn has been on the site since 1797; the current Victorian Structure since 1890. We offer 38 guestrooms, Pub, Dining Room, and Microbrewery.
Visit Jasper Murdock's Alehouse

Wildcat Inn & Tavern, Jackson Village New Hampshire Inn Lodging
Wildcat Inn & Tavern, Rte 16A, Jackson Village NH 03846 | 603-383-4245
Through the Jackson covered bridge is a place that just might be perfect... a place where candle light dances and the love and laughter of a hundred years of happy travelers is as rich as the wide pine floors. We invite you to take a step back in time. Come prepared to laugh, love, and smile so hard you might just cry. After all, as brilliant stars twinkle in the clear night sky... you just might find that the Wildcat is almost perfect. Lunch, Dinner, Entertainment in the Tavern.
Visit Wildcat Inn & Tavern - Jackson Village, NH

New Hampshire MicrobreweriesListed below is 47 different languages and how to order a beer in each of them. Just in case when traveling you find yourself in need of refreshment.

‘n Bier, asseblief
A beer ah-suh-bleef

Garagardo bat, mesedez
Gara-gardo bat mese-des

Ad-no pee-vah ka-lee lah-ska

Ur banne bier am bo, mar plij
Oor bah-ne beer am boh mar pleezh

Ed-na beer-ra mol-ya

Una cervesa, si us plau
Oona servayzeh see oos plow

Ching gay woh ee bay pee joh

Jedno pivo, molim
Yed-no pee-vo, mo-lim

Czech / Slovak
Pivo, prosím
Pee-vo, pro-seem

Jeg vil gerne have en øl 
Yay vil geh-neh heh en url

Een bier, alsjeblieft
Un beer, ahls-yer-bleeft

One beer, please
Wun beer, pleez

Unu bieron, mi petas
Oo-noo bee-airon, mee peh-tahs

Üks õlu, palun
Ooks ur-loo, pah-lun

Olut mulle, kiitos
O-loot moolek kee-tos

Une bière, s’il vous plaît
Oon bee-air, seel voo pleh

Ein Bier, bitte
Ine beer, bitt-uh

Mee-a beer-a paraka-loh

Egy pohár sört kérek
Edj pohar shurt kayrek

Einn bjór, takk
Ay-dn byohr tahk

Beoir amháin, le do thoil
Byohr awoyn, lyeh doh hull

Una birra, per favore
Oo-na beer-ra, pair fa-vo-re

Bee-ru ip-pon ku-da-sai

Mayk-joo hahn-jahn joo-se-yoh

Cervisiam, sodes
Ker-wi-see-am, soh-dehs

Vienu alu, lu-dzu
Vyeh-noo ah-loo, loo dzoo

Prašau viena alaus
Pra-shau vie-na al-lows

Wiehed birra, jekk jghogbok
Wee-het bir-ra yek yoh-dzbok

En øl, takk
Ehn url tahk

Una cervesa, se vos plai
Oo-no serbeh-zo se bus ply

Jedno piwo, prosze
Yed-no peevo prosha

Uma cerveja, por favor
Oo-ma ser-vay-ja, poor fa-vohr

O bere, va rog
Oh beh-reh ver rohg

Romansch Ladina
Üna biera, per plaschair.
Oo-nuh bee-air-uh per plah-chair

Ahd-na pee-vah pah-zha-loosta

Una birra, po piaghere
Oo-na beer-ra po pia-gehre

Scots Gaelic
Leann, mas e do thoil e
Lyawn mahs eh doh hawl eh

Yed-no pee-vo, mo-lim

Eno pivo, prosim
Eno pee-vo pro-seem

Spanish (Lat. Am.)
Una cerveza, por favor
Oo-na ser-veh-sa, por fa-vor

Spanish (Spain)
Una cerveza, por favor
Oo-na thair-veh-tha, por fa-vor

Foster’s, mate
Faw-stuhz, mayt

En öl, tack
Ehn irl, tahk

Mame beer baako, mi pawokyew
Mah-me bee-ye bah-ko mee pow-che-oo

Bir bira, lütfen
Beer beer-ah luht-fen

Cwrw os gwelwch in dda
Koo-roh ohs gwel-ookh-un-thah

A beer, zeit a-zoy goot

New Hampshire Microbreweries

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