Mother’s Day

Celebrating Mother’s Day

Great Ways to Tell Mom She’s Awesome!

Although the holiday goes by different names in different places, mothers around the world are honored virtually every month of the year from January to December on Mother’s Day. Countries such as Norway, Bulgaria, Egypt and the UK celebrate on different days between early February and late March; while Thailand, Russia, Panama and Indonesia celebrate their mums from August to December. However, over sixty different countries, including the United States, traditionally celebrate their mothers on the second Sunday of May.

Every year we scramble to deliver mom the perfect token of our appreciation for her having survived raising us in one piece! Mother’s Day is one of the busiest restaurant days of the year in America, with many people opting to take mom out for brunch or dinner. This is also one of the busiest days of the year for the florist industry as well, with millions of bouquets being ordered annually.

But what if you are tired of the predictable brunch and flower option, and are looking for something with a bit more pizazz to really let mom know how much you love her? Here are some unique and creative ways to surprise mom this May. Ask us about planning your NH vacation or Mother’s Day Getaway. To feature your business, contact us.

NH Mother’s Day Gifts

A Day at the Spa
Treat mom to something she might not give herself. A day at the spa will relax and rejuvenate her like nothing else can! From facials and manicures to hot rock massages and seaweed wraps, most spas offer a diverse package of features for you to choose from.
Themed Gift Baskets
With a bit of time and effort, you can make a truly personalized goodie basket for mom that caters to her interests. Since Mother’s Day is a spring holiday, it’s the perfect time to fill a basket with hand tools, gloves, hand moisturizer and seed packets for the gardening mom. Other wonderful basket themes are gourmet sauces and herbs for the chef or a beach basket with a good book, sunglasses and sunscreen for the beach bunny.
Bed & Breakfast Weekend
This is a wonderful gift for the new mom, since we all know how much hard work little ones can be. A weekend retreat away from the daily grind will help mom regroup and restore her energy levels for more great parenting time when she returns. There are many wonderful NH B&B’s and country inns to choose from when planning mom’s escape from reality.
Not Your Usual Chocolates
A fairly recent trend among chocolatiers is the creation of delicious chocolates. Both beautiful and decadent, these little sweets can be works of art, as they are often hand painted in beautiful colors. And with such flavors as rosemary caramel, lavender, cabernet, passion fruit, saffron, and chai tea, these morsels will surprise and delight even the most avid chocoholic!
Take Her Out for High Tea
With specialty tea shops opening everywhere, tea has become quite the rage these days. Dressing to the nines and enjoying tea and scones will transport both you and mom back to a bygone era. You will both undoubtedly end the event with some new favorite flavors as well as a wonderful feeling from spending time together.
Tour a Regional Winery
These days, wineries are not just limited to California’s Napa Valley. There are many micro-wineries to be found throughout New England and they’re offering some incredible, award-winning flavors. If your mom’s a wine enthusiast, this will be a Mother’s Day gift she’ll always remember.
Make a Home Movie
Grab your video camera and gather family members together to film a homage to mom. You can either format it as an interview, where you ask specific questions, or you can have family and friends share fond memories and funny stories. Whip up a batch of popcorn and have everyone settle in to watch the movie with mom on her special day.
“Gift of the Month” Club
Whether mom is an avid gardener, gourmet cook or movie fan, there are countless “Gift of the Month” clubs to choose from. Dinner and a Movie, Spice of the Month, Wine of the Month or Flower of the Month – this is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year and mom will think of you with a smile each month as she receives a new treat.
Throw a Surprise Party
What could be more surprising than a party in your mother’s honor on Mother’s Day? Most moms anticipate flowers or a card, but certainly not a party. This is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable ways to say thanks to mom for all she’s done.
Create a Custom Piece of Jewelry
More and more jewelers offer the opportunity to design your own personalized piece of jewelry, which makes this a very thoughtful Mother’s Day present. Diamond bracelets or gemstone earrings, this is one of the most personalized gifts you can offfer mom on Mother’s Day. Shop jewelers.
Scrapbook About Mom
If you enjoy scrapbooking, gather old photos and momentos from your mother’s life and build a lasting treasure that can be handed down through the generations. Baby pictures, the teen years, marriage and, of course, motherhood photographs will combine together and tell a beautiful story about your mom.
Name a Star After Mom
In the wise words of Carl Sagan, there are “billions and billions” of stars in our universe – many of which are still unnamed. With a bit of research, you can find many services that allow you to name a star after your mother. She will receive an official certificate as well as exact star coordinates to help her find her star in the night sky. The newly christened star will be forever after known by her name.
Create a Family Tree
The growth of the Internet has made geneological research easier than ever before. Research mom’s family history, create a beautiful family tree and have it framed for mom’s wall. A wonderful touch to really personalize your family tree is to include photographs of any family members you can find.
Donate to Her Favorite Charity
Nothing makes you feel more blessed than taking the time to help others, and many moms would prefer to do just that than receive gifts for Mother’s Day. Ask mom a few questions and find out what her favorite cause is, and make a donation in her honor. It really is an all-around “feel good” gift!

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