Northern Pass

Northern Pass Project – Good for New Hampshire?

NH Power Line Plan Divides Neighbors

Northern Pass Project

The task getting freshly produced electricity from Quebec to Boston – where the electricity can be sold on the open market, is a big project. The stakes are high, the need is now, but this “green” electric power plan is creating controversy here in New Hampshire and throughout northern New England. We hope you will consider exploring all sides of this issue and share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. Ask us about visiting NH. To feature your business, contact us.

Northern Pass Project

Northern Pass Project

According to the official Northern Pass Project website the proposed $1.1 billion “Northern Pass” transmission line would bring 1,200 megawatts of renewable hydro-power from Hydro-Quebec to the New Hampshire / New England electrical grid system. The transmission line would run through the North Country of New Hampshire to a DC-AC converter in Franklin, New Hampshire in the central part of the state. The transmission line would then be extended to Deerfield, New Hampshire where it would be tied into the larger New England grid.

Northern Pass Favorable Facts

  • High-tension power lines of Northern Pass will bring low-carbon, low-cost, renewable hydro power into the North American power grid. The new high-voltage transmission and converter capacity will help power the regions growing appetite for electricity.
  • The Northern Pass line will carry roughly the same amount of power that is currently being generated by the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant. 
  • The Northern Pass line will create more taxes for NH municipalities – primarily in challenged areas of New Hampshire. This will amount to some $15 to $20 million in property tax revenues according to a  Northern Pass economic study.
  • The North Country Jobs Creation Fund will pump $7.5-million dollars into the state to be used to help boost economic growth beyond the 1,200 jobs Northern Pass will create during construction. This money will be administered locally and go to projects that people in the North Country know will help job seekers and businesses.
  • The Northern Pass Project sponsored a communication tower in Groveton that will expand cellular and broadband service in the North Country.

Opposing Arguments

Northern Pass Kiss my Ass

Anti-Northern Pass Signs are a common sight in northern NH

  • Northern Pass will not result in lower electric rates.
  • Hydro-Quebec (who owns the power source) will not guarantee any rate benefits for NH residents (or anyone else)
  • Northern Pass Towers will negatively affect property values
  • Unsightly high-tension towers will permanently scar the landscape and diminish tourism
  • Northern Pass created jobs will primarily be temporary – most will be gone when the project is completed
  • Negative health affects from the electro-magnetic radiation on both people living nearby lines and on wildlife.

New Hampshire residents are actively discussing the Northern Pass Project. Some landowners have already struck a deal to sell or lease land for the towers – others have sold or granted land to The Society of the Protection of New Hampshire Forests in an attempt to thwart or delay the project. Whatever the outcome – it is likely that not all NH residents will be satisfied.  NH residents are being urged to support the project by PSNH (Public Service Company of New Hampshire) , the states largest supplier of electricity. PSNH electric rates are presently among the highest in the nation.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the Northern Pass Project.

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