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New Hampshire Spas Retreats Spa VacationsNew Hampshire offers a variety of spa vacation options. The key factor when selecting a Spa Vacation destination is to fully understand that your ‘spa’ experience will vary greatly based on the type of spa you visit. There are many different types of spas, some of the more common are resort and hotel spas, destination spas, day spas, medical spas, health spas, and holistic spas. To feature your NH Spa, contact us. Ask us about NH Spas or share your NH spa review or comments.

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New Hampshire Spas Retreats Spa VacationsRESORT AND HOTEL SPAS

The number one reason why people visit Resort and Hotel Spas is for relaxation, followed by a desire to reduce stress, lose weight, and stay healthy and fit during their vacation. Other reasons to visit a Resort or Hotel Spa are to be pampered, enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and mountain climbing, and to experience therapeutic treatments like massage, facials, water and mud therapies.

Spa cuisine is also a significant attraction for the traveler seeking healthy food when choosing a vacation destination. Resort spa guests are seeking a destination where they can stay for an extended period and maintain their health regimen while enjoying their favorite sport and the diversity offered through resort activity programs.

The primary differences between a Resort and Hotel Spa can be found in the number of exercise equipment pieces, the variety of spa services that are available, and the availability of trained spa attendants. Most Hotel Spas will offer an exercise facility, massage therapy, sauna and jacuzzi, but not the extensive services or trained fitness staff found at a Resort Spa.

New Hampshire Spas Retreats Spa VacationsResort and Hotel Spas are the fastest growing area of the spa industry, in large part due to providing an array of services and amenities for entire families, groups of friends, couples with varying tastes, and singles. At a Vermont Resort or Hotel Spa, the spa is just one of many amenities that can include golfing, tennis, mountain biking, canoeing, skiing, snowshoeing, horseback riding and any number of other outdoor activities of interest to all age groups.

New Hampshire Resort and Hotel Spas offer diversity for the health-conscious individual as well as the vacationer seeking simply to relax and unwind in beautiful surroundings, while enjoying all the Granite State has to offer.


A destination spa is different from a resort or hotel spa. A destination spa is meant for those people who are interested in a total immersion experience. Typically while at a destination spa costs are all inclusive and the guests stay at the spa for the entirety of the visit. As opposed to a resort or hotel spa which offers a variety of activities and options for non-spa guests.


The concept of a day spa is to be able to incorporate the spa experience into your life when their would otherwise not be enough time. As the name suggests the idea is that a person goes for a day of spa treatments, part of a day is usually another option. A day spa is great for people who need to refresh and rejuvenate but do not have time for a spa week or even weekend. A day spa is also perfect for people who have never been but want to try out going to a spa. For vacationers who wish to see the sights taking a day at a spa can be ideal. This allows for a nice relaxing moment without taking up massive amounts of vacation time.


Spas were first created for the purpose of helping people to heal. Some places were believed to have healing properties and people would flock to them in the hopes of curing what was ailing them. These places were usually mineral or hot springs. Today a medical spa is defined as such because it offers a medical program which is run under strict supervision by a licensed health care professional, according the International Medical Spa Association. Many medical spas today offer traditional spa options but are defined by their offering cosmetic procedures. Still other medical spas stick with tradition and concentrate on helping people to thwart or deal with chronic problems.


Health spas are typically where people go when they wish to improve their physical fitness. These spas specialize in teaching people how to have and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Lessons on proper exercise and diets, whether trying to get rid of excess weight or not, are a key part to the experience. Many people go to a health spa for the expressed purpose of learning about proper nutrition and fitness. Other people are attracted to these spas to help them lose or start losing weight. This is because the supportive environment coupled with the knowledgeable staff will help them to diet properly so that they can lose weight and stay healthy.


Holistic health is based on the idea of total well being. That a person needs to find balance in body, mind, and spirit. A holistic spa aims to treat all aspects of a person. To help the body unwind the physical aspect is treated with massages, facials, etc… This helps the person to relax and be more receptive as well as better able to function later. Having a soothing and quiet atmosphere allows for rejuvenation of the mind and reconnection with oneself.


The new wave in Spa Health are get-aways where you can reflect on your current lifestyle, how it is affecting your health and the sorts of changes you might want to consider now, for a much healthier YOU from here on in… Such Get-Aways can be found at destinations which double as a Spa ‘and’ a Wellness Center. Such Centers offer a variety of daily and week-long educational sessions, where guests can totally immerse themselves in their surroundings and focus on life-style decisions. With topics ranging from Cancer Recovery, to Obesity and Nutrition and personalized 1:1 Physical Fitness programs, such get-aways will offer more than a relaxing hour or so…it will help offer you…a healthier you.

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