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New Hampshire weatherIf you are planning a visit to New Hampshire and would like to get an idea of what to expect weatherwise – take a look at our New Hampshire Weather Summary. Ask us NH weather questions or share comments. To feature your business in NHLiving, contact us.

New Hampshire Weather Summary

New Hampshire weatherSummer brings pleasant days and cool evenings. Days are usually sunny and comfortable, low humidity is the norm. Temperatures reach the upper 70’s to mid 80’s. Light clothing for days; sweaters or light jackets for evenings.

Autumn and Spring months typically have highs in the mid 50’s with a variety of casual dress suitable. Evening lows can be below freezing, especially during early Spring and late Autumn.

Winter is New Hampshire’s longest season. Winter months require coats, heavy jackets, gloves and warm, dry boots. Below freezing temperatures are common from November – March.

New Hampshire receives much snowfall, with many areas getting more than 100 inches annually. This usually abundant snowfall contributes to the state’s economy. Snowmobile trails and New Hampshire ski areas attract thousands of visitors annually. Annual precipitation is about 40 inches and is fairly evenly distributed throughout the state.

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New Hampshire, one of the six New England states, experiences the greatest variety in weather and widest differences in temperature than nearly any other part of New England. New Hampshire has long, snowy winters and short, sweet summers. You may find the current weather conditions, temperatures and forecasts for every NH town by visiting the town you are interested in.

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