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cross country ski centers in NHNew Hampshire cross-country ski areas offer spectacular vistas and outstanding hospitality for the nordic skier. We have some of the best cross-country skiing in the country. Many of New Hampshire’s major ski resorts offer both downhill (alpine) and telemark or nordic skiing. There are many miles of groomed trails and hundreds of acres to explore. New Hampshire’s natural snowfall is most abundant from November until March. Be sure to check the New Hampshire weather before you leave, as conditions change quickly here in New England. To promote your business in NHLiving.com – New Hampshire’s Internet Magazine, please contact us

Nordic XC Skier Etiquette

cross country ski centers in NHGeneral Tips

  • Don’t try to reach way out in front of you when you are striding, and on the uphills don’t reach more then six inches past your hips.
  • Improve your glide by skiing without poles and thinking about weight shift.
  • Make sure your poles and skis are the proper size (Poles should fit just under the arm pit and skis should be of a soft enough camber or flex)


  • Don’t try to step too far forward when offsetting uphills.
  • Improve your glide by improving your balance on skis. Practice going down a small hill on one ski.
  • Make sure your poles are not too long. Poles should be about chin height, maximum.


  • Remember rest is just as important as training. Try to sleep well and take a rest day about every week.
  • Make sure you eat correctly. You need carbo’s for energy. Vitamins, minerals and proteins will also help you become stronger.
  • Improve your strength by skating without poles and by double poling for 5-20 minute intervals.
  • Improve your skiing endurance by training in your correct heart rate zone. In your distance workouts don’t hammer around the trails. Save your speed for races if you’re so inclined. Take your time and enjoy the scenery. Talk to the person you are skiing with and rest when you become tired.


  • Don’t be afraid of klister. The best classic cross-country skiing is done in klister conditions. Learn to use it correctly. Put on thin layers and let them freeze before you ski on them.
  • Start off with just a few waxes that cover all temperature ranges. 1 green, 1 blue, 1 purple and a universal klister should be more than enough. Slowly add to your collection as you improve your waxing skills.
  • Consider taking a class from a ski school, ski shop or from someone who knows cross-country skiing. Most beginner skiers do not wax skis correctly.
  • Buy the waxes from one line or company (ex. Toko, Swix, Start….) until you have lots of experience in wax selection.
  • Owning lots of similar waxes just makes it harder to choose the right one. Keep it simple and stick with one brand.

Questions and Answers

Q. How do I decide which cross-country skis to buy?

A. Decide first what type of skiing you are going to do and how much money you are going to spend. Then check out several stores to see what they have in your price range. Rely on a reputable ski shop for advice but don’t be afraid to shop around for the best bargain and most knowledgeable assistance. It is usually not a great idea to order skis that you have not tested or seen. These skis may not match, have bad camber, be damaged or simply not fit right.

NH Nordic XC Ski Centers

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