A Guide to Students’ Getaway in New Hampshire


Without any doubt, the US is a great country for traveling because of all the variety of nature and cultures that can be found here, and student years are the best for discovering your country. So, there’s no wonder why students love traveling so much these days. And if you’re planning your next trip right now, this guide is for you.

New Hampshire is a good destination to consider. Located in the New England region, this northeastern state has a lot to offer to young travelers. This article will be your actionable guide to a perfect student getaway in New Hampshire. Let’s dive in!

NH Students Vacation Guide

The Best Time to Visit New Hampshire

Located in the northeast of the United States, New Hampshire is known for rather capricious weather. Thus, choosing the right timing is the key to making your trip pleasant and comfortable. According to some, summer is a great time to visit this state because of the warm and sunny weather. Besides, this season works great for students who are busy studying for the rest of the year. However, it’s worth noting that the state is located on the ocean coastline and, thus, is often full of tourists during this time. This basically means larger crowds of people in the streets and higher prices too.

With that being said, a much better time to visit New Hampshire is early fall. Between early September and late October, the weather is still rather warm. Do yourself a favor and book your lodging reservations in advance, even if you plan a camping vacation.

What about other seasons? Starting from late October and throughout the entire winter, the weather in this destination gets very cold, windy, and rather snowy, which can hold you back from enjoying outdoor activities. Springs are also quite cold and also rainy and prone to snowstorms and thunderstorms. So, early fall is really the best time to visit this place.

During this season, you can enjoy the beautiful fall foliage and also get the best prices (and even discounts) as the tourist season eases up.

Top 5 NH Cities to Visit
Now that you know about the best time to visit New Hampshire, let’s take a moment to define the top destinations to discover here:

The first destination to consider is Manchester – the largest and most populous city in the state. This city will be perfect for a more laid-back and cultural vacation. Here, you will find plenty of great museums and galleries, including the Currier Museum of Art, Millyard Museum, SEE Science Center, and many others. Also, there are many stunning parks, stadiums, theaters, and dining venues.

A smaller but no less exciting destination for a student getaway is Portsmouth. In fact, this city is one of the most famous and touristic ones in the state. Portsmouth is known for its long and colorful history, so many of its sights are linked with the city’s past. There is an interesting 10-acre Strawbery Banke Museum where you can walk across the old port neighborhood that was preserved from the original settlement of 1623. For more active tourists, there is the Portsmouth Harbor Trail that will take you through the key historical attractions of the city. On top of that, there are many other sights, festivals, cruises, and great restaurants worth visiting here.

Of course, when planning a trip to New Hampshire, you should consider the state’s capital city as a possible destination. Concord is one of the US’s smallest capital cities. Nevertheless, this place still holds plenty of things worth seeing. First and foremost, Concord represents well-preserved old architecture, so walking around the city is a lot of fun by itself. Some other popular attractions include the Capital Center for the Arts, Bank of New Hampshire Stage, Red River Theaters, and the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center. And there is much more. All in all, this would be a perfect destination for history fans.

North Conway
For the most active and adventurous student tourists, North Conway must be the #1 location in this state. The city is located in the heart of the White Mountains and is known for many great hiking trails and natural landmarks. Namely, some of the most famous attractions include Diana’s Baths, Cathedral Ledge, and Champney Falls Trail. Also, North Conway is known as New England’s best ski town, so keep this in mind if you plan to travel in winter.

Finally, one more destination for a perfect student getaway is Hanover. This place has always been a college town ever since it was founded in 1765. These days, there are lots of fun activities to do and places to see here. For example, you can discover the Dartmouth College campus, visit Hopkins Center for the Arts, see the outstanding Hood Museum of Art, and more. Hanover can be a very fun city to visit, especially when you are in college yourself. So, don’t hesitate to keep this city on the list of possible destinations for your trip.

What Budget Do You Need for Your New Hampshire Getaway?
Budget is probably one of the most important things to consider when planning a student getaway to New Hampshire. There is no secret that modern students are living on a shoestring budget. Often, keeping 100% of their focus on succeeding in their studies, young people can’t even get a full-time job. Thus, for students, it’s especially pivotal to keep their travel costs as low as possible. The good news is that New Hampshire isn’t a super expensive destination. According to the most recent stats, the cost of accommodation in this state ranges between $73 and $330 per night, with the average cost of vacation rentals in the US between $210 and $660 per night.

The flights can also be rather affordable. Depending on your location, you can fly to this state starting from $60 for economy class.
Other expenses you will face during your stay will depend a lot on the selected destination, your lifestyle, your season, and many other factors. In general, it’s recommended to have a budget of $55-$110 per person per day. This budget should be enough to cover food, attractions, and transportation costs.
All in all, you can expect to spend an average of $1,300 for a 7-day getaway to this destination. However, keep in mind that there are plenty of ways to reduce the cost and save money by choosing the right time, destination, and accommodation for your visit. And there are also plenty of special deals and discounts for students.

The Bottom Line
New Hampshire is a hidden gem that won’t leave adventure lovers indifferent. New Hampshire visitors love its vibrant and historically-rich towns and cities. It also has many stunning natural landmarks. And there are a bunch of fun and diversified things that you can see and do here. Thank you for visiting.


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