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Concord NH HotelsMerrimack Valley region, NH State Capitol City of Concord NHWelcome to Concord, New Hampshire. Concord is the vibrant State Capitol of New Hampshire. Downtown Concord features the New Hampshire Golden-Domed Capitol Building and various State of New Hampshire Government, Museums and offices.

Capital Dome Concord New HampshireHistory of Concord, NH

The first settlement in 1659 was named Penacook, for the Indian name ‘Pannukog,’ meaning crooked place or bend in the river. The first land grant was in 1725, and the town was incorporated as Rumford in 1733. The name was changed to Concord in 1765 upon the resolution of a bitter boundary dispute between Rumford and Bow. Concord became the New Hampshire state capital in 1808.


The New Hampshire State House, built in 1818 and first occupied in 1819, is the oldest in continuous use in the country. In 1853, the State granted Concord a city charter. It was in Concord that the Abbotts built the famous Concord Coach, modeled after King George III’s coronation coach. In 1849, C. Austin, of Concord, was granted a patent for a melodeon, a small reed organ that produces music through a bellows operated by a treadle that draws air through reeds.

Discover Concord, New Hampshire: A Rich Blend of History and Modern Living

Welcome to Concord, New Hampshire, a city that effortlessly blends historical charm with modern convenience. Situated in Merrimack County, Concord is not only the capital of the state but also a vibrant community offering a plethora of attractions, businesses, and a high quality of life. From its captivating history to its scenic landscapes and diverse neighborhoods, there’s something for everyone to explore and enjoy in Concord.

New Hampshire State House Concord NH Merrimack ValleyConcord, New Hampshire: A Glimpse into the Past

Concord’s history dates back to the early colonial era. The city was officially incorporated in 1733. It played a crucial role in the American Revolutionary War, serving as a hub for the state’s government and military operations. The New Hampshire State House, located in downtown Concord, is the oldest state capitol in which the legislature meets in its original chambers.

Local Businesses: Thriving Economy and Innovation

Concord boasts a diverse economy with a mix of industries, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, and technology. The city fosters a supportive environment for both startups and established businesses, making it an ideal place for entrepreneurs to flourish. The downtown area is lined with boutique shops, restaurants, and cafes that provide a unique shopping and dining experience.

Villages, Districts, and Neighborhoods: A Tapestry of Communities

Concord is made up of several distinct neighborhoods and villages, each with its own character and charm. From the historic South End to the more suburban West Concord, residents can choose the ambiance that suits their preferences. The Heights and Penacook neighborhoods offer a mix of housing options, and East Concord is known for its spacious rural properties.

Concord Parks, Recreation Areas, and Hikes: Nature at Your Doorstep

Nature enthusiasts will find plenty to explore in and around Concord. White Park offers a picturesque setting for picnics and outdoor activities, while Rollins Park features sports facilities and playgrounds. For hiking enthusiasts, Mount Kearsarge and the nearby Winslow State Park offer breathtaking views and well-maintained trails.

Historic Sites and Places of Interest: Immerse Yourself in the Past

Concord is rich with historic sites that offer a glimpse into its past. The Canterbury Shaker Village is a popular NH attraction and is just a short drive away, showcasing 200 years of Shaker history and culture. The Pierce Manse, the former home of President Franklin Pierce, provides insight into mid-19th-century life. The McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center celebrates New Hampshire’s contributions to space exploration.

Concord NH Real Estate Values and Options: Housing to Suit Every Lifestyle

Concord offers a wide range of housing options to accommodate various lifestyles and budgets. From charming historic homes in the South End to contemporary apartments in downtown Concord, there’s something for everyone. The Concord NH real estate market has remained stable, making it an attractive destination for both first-time homebuyers and those seeking to invest in property.

Town Offices and Contacts: Accessible Governance

Concord’s town offices are conveniently located within the city. The City Hall, located at 41 Green Street, is where residents can access various municipal services, including permits, licenses, and information about local government activities.

Famous People from Concord, NH: A Legacy of Achievement

Concord has been the birthplace or residence of several notable individuals. These include Franklin Pierce, the 14th President of the United States, astronaut Alan Shepard, author Dan Brown, and Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Robert Frost.

Concord, NH Lodging: Where Comfort Meets Hospitality

Whether you’re a visitor or a resident hosting friends and family, Concord offers a range of lodging options. From cozy bed and breakfasts to modern hotels, you’ll find accommodations that provide comfort and convenience.

Quality of Life and Concord, NH Living: A Community to Call Home

Concord’s quality of life is second to none. The city’s blend of rich history, cultural amenities, and outdoor recreation opportunities creates a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. With strong community bonds and a commitment to education, healthcare, and sustainability, Concord provides an environment where residents can thrive.

Concord, New Hampshire, is a city that seamlessly marries its storied past with its vibrant present. From its historic sites to its thriving businesses, natural beauty, and a strong sense of community, Concord offers a lifestyle that is both enriching and rewarding. Whether you’re seeking history, nature, culture, or modern living, Concord has it all.

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State Seal New Hampshire ConcordIncorporated: 1733
County: Merrimack
Concord, NH Population:
2010: 42,695

GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: 43.1224
Longitude: -71.3217

Concord, NH Local Information
Concord Police Dispatch: 911

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