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Franconia Notch state park NHTake a scenic White Mountain Hike at the Flume Gorge. Franconia Notch State Park is located in the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire. The notch was formed by the glaciers thousands of years ago.

The formation of the glaciers and then their receding eroded away much of the soil leaving behind the granite the forms Franconia Notch.  Ask us about Flume Gorge Franconia Notch Hikes or share comments. To feature your business, contact us.

Flume Gorge Franconia Notch NH Hikes

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The Flume, Franconia Notch State ParkHave you ever felt the need to just get out there in nature and see something spectacular? If so, the place to be is The Flume Gorge in the Franconia State Park, Franconia, New Hampshire. Walking the Flume Gorge, one is sure to see vibrant green moss and ferns, glistening white waterfalls, and gorgeous walls of granite.

The Flume was formed millions of years ago after molten rock buried Conway granite that formed the walls of the Flume today. After thousands of years of erosion, rocks were worn away allowing water to get in and exposing dikes. This created a deep valley creating what is called today the Flume gorge – a dramatic and often visited natural formation in Franconia Notch State Park.

During the Ice Age glaciers covered the gorge. As the glaciers melted, soil and loose rocks were removed from the area. The Flume Brook then began its travel through the gorge washing away smaller rocks and silt.

The adventure to Flume Gorge begins at the Gilman Visitor Center where many of the tools used years ago can be seen. The most impressive is the old Concord Coach – an old stage coach that once carried people through the notch. In those days the cost to ride first class was $7.00. For a smaller fee you could ride, but had to get out of the coach and walk during the bumpy parts in the road, or worse, some had to help push the coach up hills.

Avalanche Falls at The Flume, Franconia Notch State Park, New HampshireAlong the Flume trail many glacial boulders can be seen. Some of the boulders weigh close to 300 tons. Following the trail and crossing the Pemigewasset River, a beautiful covered bridge can be seen on the way up to Boulder Cabin. At this point is where the trail narrows and the granite walls tower on each side. The Flume Gorge extends 800 feet with walls that rise up to 90 feet high. While walking along the boardwalk through the gorge flowers, ferns, and mosses of all kinds can be seen.

Once at the top of the Flume, Avalanche Falls makes its appearance. The waterfall greets you in all its 45 feet of glory as the roaring sound of the water hits the rocks below. Avalanche Falls was formed by the washing away of a large boulder that hung at the top of where the waterfall now spills out.

Following the path back down from the Flume, many turnoffs can be seen for added enjoyment and adventure. Along the Ridge path, a turnoff can be taken to the Liberty Gorge. A gorgeous mountain stream can be seen flowing through the narrow valley.

In a basin of the Pemigewasset River a large and deep pool can be seen just off the Ridge Path. The pool is 40 feet deep and 150 feet in diameter. The pool is surrounded by 130 foot high rock walls that are covered with bright green mosses and ferns. On a cliff above the pool stood a Sentinel Pine that was close to 175 feet tall and close to 16 feet around. In the fall of 1938 a hurricane swept through the area uprooting the pine. The trunk of the Sentinel Pine bridged the river above the pool. This trunk now serves as the base of the Sentinel Pine Bridge.

There are many other hidden adventures along the path back to the visitor center. If adventure is what you are looking for, try squeezing through the Wolf Den, where crawling on your hands and knees and climbing over rocks is the only way out. There is also the Bear Cave tucked away on the edge of the path. Don’t worry; no bears will be found there.

The total length of the walk through the Flume Gorge is two miles and takes about one hour to complete. Visiting the Flume Gorge is a wonderful day trip with the kids, visiting relatives, or even if you want to see something unique. Bring a camera to capture vibrant pictures of your adventure along the way!

– Jenn Liang for

Getting there:

From the South: I-93 North to Exit 34A. Take a left at the Flume Gorge and Gilman Visitor Center sign.

From the North: I-93 South to Exit 34A. Take a left at the Flume Gorge and Gilman Visitor Center sign.

**The Flume Gorge is a seasonal attraction and is open May through October

Note: Costs and policies can change without notice. Contact the NH State Park Service for more information

Some attractions in Franconia Notch State Park include:

Some other attractions in Franconia Notch State Park are The Old Man Historic Site and Museum, The New England Ski Museum, Echo Lake Beach and Cannon RV Park.

Flume Gorge, Franconia Notch State Park, White Mountain National Forest New Hampshire

Franconia Notch State Park
Franconia/Lincoln, NH 
For camp reservations call: 603-745-3628 (Jan.-Oct.)

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