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Manchester New Hampshire NewspapersNew Hampshire Union LeaderThe New Hampshire Union Leader is the largest daily newspaper in the state. Published in Manchester, the largest city in the state, it was founded in 1863 and was called simply The Union Leader from the mid-1970s until April 4, 2005. For years prior to that, it was called the Manchester Union-Leader. The Union Leader was known for the conservative political opinions of its late publisher, William Loeb, and his wife, Elizabeth Scripps “Nackey” Loeb. The Manchester Union Leader, as it was named at the time, assisted in derailing Maine Senator Edmund Muskie’s bid for the 1972 Democratic presidential nomination. Ater Nackey Loeb’s death on January 8, 2000, Joseph McQuaid, the son and nephew of the founders of the New Hampshire Sunday News, Bernard J. and Elias McQuaid, took over as publisher. Share your NH Union Leader Newspaper comments or feature your NH business, contact us.

The New Hampshire Union Leader

In 2009 publisher Joseph McQuaid announced that owing to financial difficulties the Saturday edition of the paper would no longer be distributed outside of the Greater Manchester area and that Saturday content would be moved to a combined Friday/Saturday edition. The New Hampshire Union Leader continues to publish Monday thru Friday and publishes the New Hampshire Sunday News for distribution on Sunday morning.  New Hampshire Union Leader also publishes NH Obituaries, and local classified ads in all editions. began in 1999. It is an information web portal about New Hampshire and is owned and operated by the New Hampshire Union Leader.

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Publication Profile:

Newspaper: Union Leader

Address: 100 William Loeb Drive, P.O. Box 9555, Manchester, NH 03108-9555

County: Hillsborough

Phone: 603-668-4321

Fax: 603-668-6397


President and Publisher: Brendan McQuaid

Full Time Employees: 29 plus

Product/Service: Daily Newspaper

Web Site:

NH News Headlines – New Hampshire Union Leader

  • Heloise: ry this Amish cleaning method
    Heloise: ry this Amish cleaning method - DEAR HELOISE: My great-grandmother was Amish, and she had her own particular way of doing things. She would clean her floors with hot water, olive oil, vinegar and a squeeze of lemon juice from one lemon. Of course, the floors…
  • Heloise: Fire department checks fire alarms
    Heloise: Fire department checks fire alarms - DEAR HELOISE: I read your recent column in the Orange County Register. The fire alarm comments from P.K. in Springfield, Illinois, brought to mind a conversation I had with a member of the Huntington Beach, California, fire department.
  • Dear Abby: Strangers saw conversation in vastly different lights
    Dear Abby: Strangers saw conversation in vastly different lights - DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend of two years works for a company with 160 employees, 95 miles from our town. He held a party at a restaurant located near the company. I knew no one and doubt very much I will…
  • John Stossel: Black guns matter
    John Stossel: Black guns matter -
  • Two for two: Scanlan, Rochester
    Two for two: Scanlan, Rochester -

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